Call Me They
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Xtra! Please Call Me They.

In April, 2011, Canadian national gay newspaper Xtra published an interview with me in which they refused to use my preferred pronoun. Coco and I were amazed that this was even possible. Almost as a parody, we started a petition. I thought we’d get 25 friends to sign it. 

 We got 1,355 friends to sign it.

The following is the text of the petition. You can see the full petition, as well as the ideas, encouragement and support of folks from all over the world, here.

    • Friday, April 1, 2011 at 3:30pm until Thursday, June 30, 2011 at 6:30pm

      Dear Xtra!

      I am grateful to you for a couple of reasons, you published a comic I was very proud of called Sweetest Taboo and you have promoted me through three articles now. Thank you.
      But I have been told that it will be awkward for you to publish my pronoun as “They,” and so you will defer to “She.”
      This is transphobic, but I don’t just want to use big words here. It’s irrelevant, out-dated, inaccurate and as one of Canada’s queer platforms, embarassing. Please familiarize yourself with contemporary culture. Please adopt “They.”
      I hope that, encouraged by this community petition, you will help set the standard, and make “they” a comfortable and respected pronoun for anyone to use, anywhere.

      Yours sincerely,
      Elisha Lim

      co-signed by the following: 

      (*note: this article about Mikiki has been brought to my attention, but the pronoun should be standardized, not a novelty. 


      Xtra has announced their official policy. They will drop “She” on request, but refuse to standardize “they” as a pronoun. Xtra replaces “they” with surnames, even if that is explicitly against your wishes. 

      Here’s the verdict: check out Elisha’s article in today's issue of Xtra. Xtra has expressed their ‘concern’ at this event page, so keep sharing it, and keep provoking their ‘concern.’

      But in a way Xtra’s editorial policies have been eclipsed in the astonishing phenomenon of this petition. Hopefully all of us genderwreckers feel the same sense of courage and solidarity. We are many. And we have lots of friends.

      Thank you to everybody. 
      ♥ Elisha and Coco

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